Automatic Commercial Irrigation Systems


An automatic commercial irrigation system is a cost effective investment. In addition to its efficient use of water, an irrigation system will ensure health and beauty of your commercial landscape, enhance curb appeal, attract new customers, and increase the value of your place of business. Green Acres will design and install the correct irrigation system specifically engineered to meet the needs of your commercial landscape. We understand the conditions of completing your project on time and within budget.  A professionally installed sprinkler system by Green Acres is an investment in years of worry-free watering.

Commercial  Sprinkler System Design

We provide  a complete commercial irrigation system package including comprehensive planning and consultation, irrigation system design, irrigation system installation, service, and maintenance plans. Foremost, we will discuss your goals, assess your watering needs, and offer beneficial solutions to fit within your budget. An on-site evaluation is necessary upon the design of your irrigation system as we analyze many relevant factors, including water source and location, water quantity and quality, water pressure, flow rates, property measurements, elevations, soil type and texture, diverse plant materials, plant size and location, root depth, microclimates, and weather conditions. Our design process will select the correct components, minimizing water in the most efficient manner possible, relating to smart systems, check valves, rain sensors, soil sensors, and drip irrigation, while providing the proper amount of moisture needed to support your landscapes deep root system. In addition, our irrigation designs allow for expansion should you remodel or upgrade your landscape.

Proper Installation Ensures Long Term Performance

Green Acres will install your irrigation system right the first time, as this is a crucial element to system performance and longevity. We install Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro products, assuring long term performance, durability, and years of reliable operation. We install vital components such as valves in areas out of way of traffic. More often than not, irrigation components may be visually noticeable, as we conceal your components in inconspicuous locations. We pay close attention to specifics such as matched precipitation rates and 100% head to head coverage. We integrate our irrigation system techniques minimizing any surface disturbance.

Training and Timely Service - We're  There When You Need Us.

Upon completion, Green Acres will  perform a final walk through, including hands-on personal training, thoroughly explaining and demonstrating how to operate your irrigation system with ease. We provide a detailed as-built of your commercial irrigation system design layout in its entirety for future reference. Our water efficient designs and effective installations provide commercial landscapes proper hydration and uniform coverage. Our timely service and maintenance extend its longevity, ensuring optimal landscape health and a flourishing green appearance.