In the spring, we recommend our spring start-up to get your irrigation system up and running for the year. The Service Technician will go through your irrigation system zone by zone and check every sprinkler spray pattern for optimum turf and plant coverage, and check each sprinkler for any leaks. The Technician will program the controller for proper watering times based on the weather conditions and neighborhood watering restrictions.  If he notes any damage during the inspection recommends any improvements, the estimate will be provided before the work is started.


As winter approaches it is necessary to prepare your irrigation system for the cold weather before it freezes. For the sprinkler winterization our Service Technician will turn off the water to the sprinkler system and back drain the plumbing before the backflow.  They will use a towable air compressor to clear all the irrigation lines of water. In Ohio, we sometimes experience below-freezing temperatures by the beginning of November. We recommend having your irrigation system winterized by the end of October to make sure the system will be safe guarded against freeze damage.


Changes to your landscape, plant growth as well as the addition of new flowers and shrubbery, may require adjustments to your . We could also be having a particularly wet or dry season with rain. These are good times to have us come out and readjust the sprinkler heads. We can come out anytime between your sprinkler spring opener and fall winterization and go through and adjust your system. We will review your entire system for proper operation, clean clogged nozzles and make adjustments. We will also re-set your controller for more or less watering due to current weather conditions. If the Service Technician recommends any additional improvements or repairs, the estimate will be provided before the work is started.